Bright Again

by Andy Klingensmith

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Bright Again is a six track EP meant to serve as a bridge between the first and second full length release from Andy Klingensmith. The songs were written in the fall and winter of 2013 and recorded at home.

Special thanks to our lovely families, Scott Morris, Ahmad El-Messiri, Joel Boyea, Alan Haber, the city of East Lansing, and the records and people we love.

Length: 25:42

Futureman Records, 2014.


released January 14, 2014

All songs written and composed by Andy Klingensmith.

Andy Klingensmith: Guitar, bass, lead, harmony and backing vocals, keyboards, tambourine, producer, arranger

and Riley Smith: Drums, backing vocals, additional instrumental arrangement

with special guest Jay Gummert: Woodwinds, additional instrumental arrangement


all rights reserved



Futureman Records Detroit, Michigan

The Futureman only finds and releases the most vital and raw recordings from the field. He asks for no thanks or special notice. However, tip your hats or raise your glasses their way: Futureman Records, The Vanguard of the People.


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Track Name: Bright Again
Save it all for the morning
Everything will be bright again
and my eyes, young as they open

And I won't keep me from seeing
everything I want to see
just as long as she sees it too

But tonight I'm alright
Ask me again when this ends

Through the time it takes to realize
you were kidding when you smiled
I am not in on the joke

For a while this is goodbye
But nothing ever ends like we wish
Just begins, over and over

And I know I can't be idle
Everything I want to feel
I can't hope that one day it comes

Though the grain gets its rain
I don't deserve to be served

Stop me if you have heard this one before
Man walks into the world, stays a while
What’s the use of a mind? What’s it good for?
When everything is erased with her smile
Track Name: No Control
Something in the words we choose
makes the things we say come in twos
Which do you wish that I prefer?

Somewhere in the things I do
lies a little tiny piece of you
But I am sweeping up my mind

And suddenly I am speechless
I try to know, but I just guess
For anything I remember
is just a dead fire's ember
Now raise your hands to the heat

And yet as though we both met
because we were let
Allowed to forget
I think if I had just blinked
the chains wouldn't link
But what do you think?

I have no control, over me
and we do as we're told, why do we?

And suddenly I am speechless
I try to know, but I just guess
For if I still see the sunlight
then everything will be just right
Now raise your hands to the heat

There's fate but that's just a wait
A key with no gate
A line much too straight
And though the things that we know
are not fading slow
There's one place to go

But I have no control over me
and we do as we're told, why do we?
Track Name: Oh Miss No Name
I'll write a few words
with water from the fountain
But, soon as it's done, it dries

There's word on the wind
a gale sent from the mountain
throwing all of my thoughts to the skies

Did I really think remembering, such a tiny little thing
would make her love me?
To me, memory, to her, happenstance

All of the dust, floating like solar systems
Do I breathe it in, or close my lungs?
I won’t decide today
for the clock’s turned back again
I’ll see you in spring

Oh miss no name, perpetual love
Feels just like we are hand in glove
I’m just musing, remove the “m”
Now just using my mind ‘til then
Track Name: The Parade
In the early morning after
all the sounds of the parade
gently fade

I can smell the leaves are burning
I imagine something nice
I think twice and carry on

I am sick of all my memories
They are barely even me
I can see, can see, but oh, who could that be?

In the country I will feel the land
come and place itself into my hand

In the morning I will watch the sea
come and lay itself in front of me

And I would ask the sky to take a seat
if it wasn’t still under my feet
Track Name: The Penultimate Color
Listen to the cicada outro
as the leaves start to shift to brown
Glisten within the turning sunlight
that quickly envelops the town

Yesterday in the trees fell the shade
as it plays on my knees and then fades
into the fast moving nights and the melancholy lights with you
And I'm watching the woods build a mosaic for their coffin
And I'm watching them both fall in and out of control

But the flowers they bloomed and so are doomed to be
the penultimate color we're allowed to see

And so how long will nature still pen its overture
Where will the notes fall in the dark without us knowing?
Track Name: Peels and Feels
I was on the hill, standing high
for years until, she walked by
A blade of grass, in the green
The chance has passed, and it seems

Just as I start to think and feel
like the world was just a rind already peeled…

I forget just what I was, waiting for
A thousand days, out the door

Do you understand my point of view?
Every day I asked for her and what do I do?
Not a thing, not a thing

I'll wait here for the sun
River, pass the time
I won't ask any one
for my peace of mind

There is a light
I see it now
Dim as it might

When I start to inch my feet
on the edge of miserable defeat
I will lay my armor down
Take my hand, I’m yours without a sound!

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